Convert XML file to PDF without XBRL Software

You can find here a guide on how to convert xml file of XBRL filings to PDF without XBRL software. How to convert XBRL file to PDF? How to convert XBRL Financials to Financials in PDF format? How to c


Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) had introduced, in a phase-wise manner, filing of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account statements in XBRL which shall be done by specified companies from Financial Year 2011-12 onwards through filing of Form AOC-4 XBRL.

The language is XML-based and uses the XML syntax and related XML technologies. XML file is readable by Computer but it can not be read by human. When we download Annual Filing Forms from MCA's View Public Documents services for a company to which XBRL is applicable, we get XML file which is created using XBRL language. In such case, it becomes necessary to convert those XBRL files to PDF format (human can read) so that one can read and analyse the same.

XBRL file can be converted to PDF without XRBL software in following easy ways.

Process of Conversion from XML to PDF

You can find below step by step process with images to understand on how to convert XML file to PDF without any XBRL software.

1. Download MCA XBRL Validation Tool

Please visit this MCA XBRL website and click on MCA XBRL Validation Tool as shown in below image.

MCA keeps on updating versions of Validation Tool. Please ensure to download latest version of Validation Tool.

2. Install MCA XBRL Validation Tool

Upon clicking on above link, a zip file will be downloaded. Unzip the file and save it in your computer. Click on XBRLTool.exe file and install the Validation Tool.

After installation, following screen will be appeared.

3. Download the Appropriate Taxonomy

It is necessary to download appropriate and applicable Taxonomy to read XML file.

It will take some time after the Taxonomy is downloaded. You will see below message after it is downloaded, click on OK to proceed.

4. Select the Appropriate Taxonomy

Once the taxonomy is downloaded, Select the downloaded taxonomy as per image below.

It will show below message about successfully loading of Taxonomy. Click on OK to proceed.

5. Select and Load XBRL (XML) file

As show below, go to Menu bar and click on Open under File Menu.

Select the XML file and click on Open (as show in below image).

It is advisable save all your XML files (for conversion) in Documents folder of your Computer, as the Validation Tool opens this folder for searching file. This will save lot of time.

You will see below mentioned message on successfully completing loading of the document.

6. Export to PDF

Go to Menu bar and Click on Export to PDF under File Menu.

Upon successful completion of export or conversion to PDF file, you will see below mentioned message on your screen.

This will help you converting your XML / XBRL files to PDF files so that you can read and analyze the files. You do not need to purchase or subscribe any XBRL software to convert XBRL file to PDF.

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