Hardware and Software of Computers Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Manufacturing Hardware and Software of Computers (For Example: Bharatiya Global Infomedia Limited)

  1. To carry on the business of Computer Hardware/Software covering all its business aspects viz its Manufacturing, Development, Import- Export. Implementation, Providing Human resource/Body sopping/Computer consultancy, Computer Processing, Renting of computer Hardwares / Softwares and Seminars/Debates etc. and also to carry on the business of internet, Email, E-commerce, and website, including Softwares relating to telecommunications etc.

  2. To manufacture/deal in computer and communication software/software development/import of software/export of software and manufacture of computer peripherals and to carry on the business as manufacture, assemblers, buyers, sellers, indenters, hiers, repaires, importers, exporters, promoters, agents, representatives, designers, system engineers , systems analyst and consultant of all types of computer including mini computers and micro processor based system intelligent terminals, main frame system, intelligent controllers personal computers, word processors, computerized automation system systems, peripheral systems, computerized power systems and other computerized and micro processor based systems for communication, medical business, commercial industrial , environmental, process control, chemical and scientific applications or in the maintenance repair and working thereof.

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