Electrochemical Business

(Example: L&T Infotech) Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Electronic and Electrochemical devices

  1. To carry on business of analyzing, designing, maintaining, converting, porting, debugging; coding, outsourcing and programming ‘software’ to be used on computer or any microprocessor based device or any other kind of electronic and electromechanical devices or any other such hardware within or outside India, and To purchase, acquire, develop, enhance, improve, compress, experiment with, supply, distribute, customise, import, export, trade, act as agents / dealers of all kinds of software products.

  2. To carry on the business in India or elsewhere business of data collection, compilation, feeding, converting, processing, analysis, testing or any kind of database management for both analog and digital data including CAD/CAM and digitization services for any individual, company or any authority, government or otherwise To acquire, design, develop, sell, maintain, upgrade any kind of application which uses voice, image, binary or any other kind of data and any type of man-machine interface.

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