Main Object Clauses

You will find here most comprehensive main object clauses which are required for Company's Memorandum of Association and for LLP's LLP Agreement.
Here are the articles in this section:
Beauty and Healthcare Business
Hardware and Software of Computers Business
IT Technical Support Business
Telecom Equipment Products Business
Software Business
Web Developer Business
Data Management Business
Information Technology Consultancy Business
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Business
Electrochemical Business
Broadcasting and Cable TV Business
Biotechnology Business
Engineering Services Business
Electrical Appliances Business
Telecommunication Consultancy Business
Consumer Electronics Business
Educational Consultancy Business
Internet of Things Business
Data Processing Business
Plastic Products Business
Granite and Granite Product Business
Dry-Cleaners and Laundaries Business
Credit Rating Business
Astrological Services Business
Merchant Banking Business
Flour Mill Business
Online Lottery Business
Motor Machines Business
Garments Business
Property Developer Business
Oil Business
Seeds Business
Metal casting Business
Tiles Business
Caps Business
Medical Appliances Business
Storage Media Business
Glass Business
Metal Business
Ink Business
Beauty and Healthcare Business
Hardware and Software of Computers Business
Investment And Finance Business
IT Technical Support Business
Classified Advertisement Business
Paper Business
Cloth Material Business
Wires Business
Provide Maintenance Service Business
Storing Goods And Materials Business
Property Consultant Business
Amusement Parks Business
Investment Consultant and Management Business
Petroleum Product Business
Maintenance Service Business
Cold Storage Business
Amusement Parks Business
Packing Material Business
Chemical Product Business
Wind Energy Business
Civil Works Business
Jewellery Business
Music Industries Business
Stationary Business
Technical Consultancy Business
Film Industry Business
Tapes Business
Web Developer Business
Chains Business
Hardware Business
Medical Service Business
Recycling Materials Business
Milk Product Business
Natural Gas Business
Plastic Component Business
Electricity Business