IT Technical Support Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of IT Technical Support(For Example: ONESOURCE TECHMEDIA LIMITED)

  1. To carry on the business pertaining to or connected with and involving development of system software, application software, enterprise resource planning, internet net linking any other computer software, for scientific, mathematical, statistical, engineering, educational, entertainment, statutory, financial, commercial and business applications, database management, software techniques, data capture, data logging, data preparation, computer graphics, plotting and charting, software, simulation and modeling, promote software development in any area including communication and information technology in India or in any part of the world.

  2. To carry on the business of develop, design, search, renovate, amend, modify, buy, sell, import, export and deal in all types of computer software, programs, systems (including networking, design and implementation), solutions, hardware, peripherals and to carry on the business of developing websites, solutions, electronic commerce, known as E-commerce, electronic mail, internet and other value added services.

  3. To carry on the business of producing, buying, selling, trading and exporting programmes for television, satellite, cable, television, radio programmes and to establish links via satellites, down links and uplink from TCRO’s reception systems and also to establish, maintain and manage, television and/or radio centers studio/channels and for production of serials and export/sale thereof.

  4. To carry on the business or businesses of and as manufacturer producer, buyer, seller, assembler agents, importers, exporter, dealer of otherwise in radio, television sets, gramophones, loud speakers, sound recorders, audio cassettes projector films television serials, films, records and all instruments, machines and apparatus for or in connection with the recording, reproduction and transmission of pictures, sound, movement or music by wireless or by mechanical, electrical or any other method means or process and all component parts, accessories articles and fittings required for final purpose, and as all types electrical/electronic musical equipment.

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