Electricity Business

(Example: KKV AGRO POWERS LIMITED) Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Generating Electricity

  1. To carry on the business to generate, harness, develop, accumulate and supply electricity by setting up power plants by use of wind, Hydel, biomass, woody waste, solar, steam, fossil fuels, coal or tidal energy for the purpose of light, heat, motive power and for which electric energy can be employed and to transmit, distribute, and supply such power either for captive use or to sell, supply, transmit to State/Central Electricity Boards, to industries and to other consumers of electricity.

  2. To carry on the business of electric power, light, and supply of power in all branches and in particular to Construct, establish, fix, carryout and run all necessary power stations, workshops, sub- stations, transmission lines, cables, wires, accumulators and works to generate, accumulate and supply electricity to industries and State, or Central Government Board or Local Bodies. And to enter into any contract with Government of India or State Government or Local bodies or corporate bodies or individuals for the construction, maintenance of power plants any kind for the production, transmission of captive use of electricity.

  3. To carry on the business establish captive power plants on a co-operative basis for a group of industrial and other consumers and supply power to the participants in the co-operative effort either directly through transmission lines of the State Electricity Boards or other authorities by entering into appropriate arrangements and to carry on the business of generators, exporters, importers, contractors, sub-contractors, sellers, buyers and agents for renewable energy systems like solar, biomass, solid wastes, by-product gases and components thereof.

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