Register User on MCA V3 Portal

How to create account on MCA V3 portal? Register on MCA V3 portal as Business User? MCA V3 Registration. MCA V3 Registration Process. Business User Registration MCA. How to Register on the MCA V3?

Register New Business User Account on MCA V3

Please follow below steps to create new account under Business User category for Director.

1. Click on Sign up / Sign in

Go to MCA Website and click on Sign In/Sign Up

2. Click on Register button

3. Select Business User under User Category and Select Director/Designated Partner under User Role

4. Fill up PAN and DIN of the Director/Designated Partner for whom you want to register DSC and click on Next

5. Fill up all the details required on the Next Screen.

6. In the next screen, details regarding Address and Contacts will be filled up automatically from DIN details which are registered on MCA. Click on Next

7. Select Password (for login purpose) and fill up other details as required and click on Create my Account.

You do not need to select anything in Provider or Certificate.

8. OTPs will send to Mobile Number and Email Id. Please fill up both OTPs and click on Submit.

This completes the Process for creating Account on MCA V3 portal. If you want to register DSC on MCA V3 portal, then click below.

pageRegister Digital Signature on MCA V3 portal

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