Storing Goods And Materials Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Storing Goods And Materials (For Example: Karnimata Cold Storage Limited)

  1. To carry on the business in India and elsewhere to construct, build, establish, run, erect, promote, undertake, acquire, lease, sale, purchase, own, operate, manage, renovate, recondition, maintain, keep and to run Potato cold storage, multipurpose cold storage, storage chambers, ice chambers, go-downs, warehouse, refrigeration houses and freezing houses for storing, warehousing, keeping, preserving of Potatoes all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including onion, milk, milk products, sweets, processed food, protein food, food products, bakery products, bacons, soft drinks, medicines, chemicals, cereals, gur, roots or other substances, made from all or any of them whether kept loose, packed, tinned, canned or in any other form whatsoever and to act as a buyer, seller, financer, auctioneer, stockists, distributor, importer, exporter or otherwise to deal in all sorts of commodities, vegetables, fruits, edibles and similar good, to establish and to run a food processing unit.

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