Telecommunication Consultancy Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Telecommunication consultancy

  1. To carry on the business of design, establish, provide, maintain and perform engineering, technical and consultancy services for any person, firm or body corporate, for development of Telecommunications and Information Technology covering Hardware, Software & Networking (IT) Projects of all types and descriptions in India and outside India including but not limited to surveys of all types, Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Techno-economic Investigations, supply of basic engineering and detailed design and working drawings layouts, and blue prints for construction of Telecommunications & IT lines, equipment and other assets, Industrial Plants and Factories pertaining to Telecommunications & IT working and equipment selection therein, and manufacture of Telecommunications & IT equipment of all kinds and description, material handling, preparing specifications and tender documents. Tender evaluation and purchase assistance of all materials and goods pertaining to such projects, expediting, inspecting and testing, construction supervision, project management, Acceptance testing, evaluating, commissioning and maintenance training of personnel and any such other services.

  2. To carry on the business to provide engineering, technical and management consultancy services for Telecommunications & IT in India and outside including but not limited to engineering, commercial and operational management of Telecommunications & IT systems market research and personnel management, organizational structure, improvement in the systems of Administration, traffic forecasts, planning, investment planning, modernization of existing Telecommunications & IT facilities, improvement in operational and maintenance practice towards utilization of Telecommunications & IT assets.

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