Plastic Component Business

(Example: Advanced Syntex Limited) Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Plastic Components

  1. To carry on the business in India or elsewhere with or without collaboration the business to manufacture, produce, process, reprocess, pack, repack. press, engrave, develop, design, assemble, alter, repair, renovate, galvanise, paints, cut, clean, convert, fit, fabricate, erect, install, serve, improve, manipulate, decorate, adapt, test, explore, consult, market, distribute, by, sell, resell, purchase, import, export, indent, trade, to act as manufacture’s, representatives and otherwise deal in plain and metalised polyester and plastic films and converting them into end products like magnetic tapes, metallic yarn (plastic zari yarn) glitter powder (zari powder), covering yarn, kasab and other plastic components and textile materials.

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