Electrical Appliances Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Electrical appliances

  1. To carry on the business of and manufacture, assemble, produce, buy, sell, install, distribute, commission, import, export, repair, hire, let-out on hire, alter, exchange or otherwise deal in either alone or jointly with any other company or companies, person or persons in Electronic/energy meters of all types and complete range of Energy Management Systems such as ammeters, voltmeters, energy meters, frequency meters, kilowatt meters, gas meters, water meter, speedometers, taximeters, wall meters, power factor meters, wall hour meters etc., and switches of all varieties including domestic and industrial such as, single pole, multiple pole, Changeover switches, switchgears, MV/LV switchgears, Gas insulated Switchgear, Isolator, LT and HT switches & switchboards, Control Panels, Motor Control Centers, Power Control Center, Distribution Boards either in fixed or non drawout execution or in drawout execution, either in indoor or outdoor switches, switch fuses, fuse switches, iron clad switches, HRC fuses, fuse bases, Circuit breaker of all types such as air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, vacuum contactors, contractors, overload relays, protective relays, push buttons, indicating lamps, toggle switches, rotary and cam switches, switch-board, Ring main unit, Traffic signals, Railway signaling equipments, Bakelite and plastic components casting, Energy management & protection device & systems, Bus duct system, Manual Motor starters, Motor control system, Distributed control system, current transformers, voltage transformers, control transformers, timers and accessories and spare parts thereof, bell push, fan regulators, dimmers, fuses, TV outlets, loudspeaker outlets, Telex outlets, plug sockets and accessories thereof such as junction boxes, frames, surface mounting and flush mounting boxes, Solar equipements & products and all kinds of electronic accessories, appliances, implements, components, instruments, equipements, stores and spares, spare parts, devices, contrivances, apparatus and supplies related to or connected with the aforesaid, and to develop, buy, install, trade and operate software/programs of any kind to operate the above products and all electric & electronic goods adapted, invented and discovered in future.

  2. To carry on the business of manufacturing, assembling, fabricator altering, exchanging, buying, selling, importer, exporters or otherwise dealing in all type of electrical and electronic instruments, equipment and appliances of all kinds such electric motors, fans, air coolers, washing machines, music systems, Air conditioners, microwaves, camera, water heater/purifier and other-white goods and home appliances.

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