Petroleum Product Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Petroleum Products(For Example: Dhanuka Commercial Private Limited)

To carry on the business as buyers, sellers, suppliers and to carry on computer parts, computer data materials computing, data calculating, nuclear, medical and industrial equipment, electro acoustics devices, and to carry on suppliers, traders, merchants, indenters, brokers, agents, assemblers packers, stockiest, distributors and dealers of and in all kinds of agricultural products, food articles, forest products, minerals, motals chemicals, industrial and other gases alcohols, wines and beverages, eligible and non - eligible oils, fats petrol and diesel oil and other petroleum products, consumer and domestic and house hold articles, hardware goods, plant and machinery equipment, component stores spare parts and accessories and other engineering goods fibers and fibrous substances, commercial natural and manmade fibers, readymade garments, hi-fashion departmental stores, and hosiery goods, leather & and leather products sanitary materials textiles granite of all kinds all types of yarns, jute and jute products, cement dyes, building materials, vehicles and vehicle parts machine part and industrial components plastics and electronic parts and devices, bullian, gems, ivory, precious stocks, jewellery and ornaments, food grains and all kinds or articles, merchandise and other things required in connection therewith.

To carry on business as advisors and / or management consultants on matters and problems relating to the industries, share broker, orrul and industrial taxation, administration, management, organization accountancy, costing, commercial quality control and data processing, technical knowhow, operation, production storage, graphic design, distribution sale and purchase of goods and properties, other activities of and in relation to any business, trade, commerce industries housing or real estate.

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