Natural Gas Business

(Example: Mahanagar Gas Limited) Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Natural Gas

  1. To carry on the businesses of sale, suppliers, distributors, dealers and to act as advisors, operators, franchisees, consultants or in any other role for purchase, procure, export, storage, compression, liquification, transmission, distribution, marketing etc relating to natural gas and its derivatives and other forms of energy as fuel for transport vehicles or for supply to consumers in cascades or for any other use, Piped Natural Gas for domestic/commercial /industrial or any other purposes and to build, operate, and transfer any network or supply chain engaged in or related thereto in India and abroad and to construct, lay, operate, use, lease, hire, inspect, maintain, improve, enlarge, alter, protect, repair, replace and remove, and to carry out works in respect of pipelines and equipment and facilities ancillary to the operation or use of pipelines and to install in any premises or place and to operate, use, inspect, maintain, repair, replace and remove meters or other devices for assessing the quantity or quality of supplies of gas and for other purposes connected with such supplies related to city gas distribution projects.

  2. To carry in the business which deal in all equipments including gas appliances and kitchen equipments, machinery including plants & generators meters, compressors, dispensers and any other devises connected with city gas distribution projects for the use of gas for domestic, industrial, commercial or other purposes related to city gas distribution project or with the conservation of gas and to install terminal points at retail outlets of Oil Companies and other entities for supply of Natural Gas and its derivatives and also to set up separate Outlets for dispensing to automobiles and undertaking pre-feasibility / market survey, techno economics feasibility reports, detailed project reports, basic knowhow, design, detailed, engineering including engineering procurement, testing, revamping, design, development, fabrication, maintaining gas processing / re-gasification plants, transmission & distribution centers, gas terminals, gas storage facilities and development and operation & maintenance of CGD networks or district or local gas supply and distribution networks and all matters in connection with or incidental to the above for the company and any other entity in India and abroad.

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