Telecom Equipment Products Business

Main object clause of an entity having business of dealing in Telecom equipment and related products. E.g. Avantel Ltd., Aishwarya Telecom etc.

To design, develop, acquire, manufacture, purchase,sell, or otherwise transfer, lease, import, export, hire, license, use, dispose of, operate, fabricate, construct, distribute, demonstrate, assemble, repair overhaul, recondition, work upon, maintain or otherwise and generally deal in all kinds of Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical Equipments, used in and / or for Audio, Visual communications and office automation, and other equipments, apparatus, components, appliances, devices, controls, instrumentation materials and parts or articles or things, connected therewith.

To do research, design, develop, manufacture, buy,sell, import, export, and deal in, all kinds and ranges, of telephonic microwave, navigational, calculating, computing, pneumatic, industrial, commercial, scientific and communications equipments, apparatus, appliances, and instruments and such allied and analogous to the foregoing or any of them or anything connected therewith

To act as Administrative, Technical, Productivity, Managerial, Advisory, Commercial, Financial and any other type of Consultants in connection with the communication systems, sub-systems, equipment developed by the Company

To carry on the business of consultant on engineering and other industrial matters, to do research, design, fabricate, setting up of plants, supervising, selling process know how, selling rights and acquiring any such rights and patents and to carry on the business of rendering services and assistance of all kinds to industrial concerns of all types in connection with main objects.

To carry on the business of electronics and computers in all kinds of descriptions and specially to design, develop, manufacture, purchase or otherwise acquire, buy, sell, import, export and franchise technologies, computer systems, communications systems, hardware, systems software, applications software, computer peripherals and accessories, equipment, machinery and services in the area of electronics, computers, hardware, software, their application and all related fields and activities and to establish and run data processing center, computer hardware and software centre, multimedia centre and to offer consultancy and to carry on the business of Intranet or Internet services and carry on the business as an ISP or acting as vendor and providing Internet services.

To carry on the business of consultancy and technology development and to undertake and execute other services such as software consultancy, management consultancy, techno-economic feasibility studies in the areas of electronics, communications, computers and their applications within and outside India.

To research, design, develop, manufacture, buy, sell, import, export and deal in all kinds of Electronics & Communication Components, sub systems and systems including RF/Microwave products, Analog/ Digital Radio Communication Systems, Satellite Communication Products, Telecom Network Access products, Switching Equipment, Business Communication Systems, Terminals, Telecom Transmission Systems, Mobile Equipment for VSAT, Cellular, Paging, Radio Terminals and Wireless in Local Loop.

To establish computer and communication networks either as part of international networks or as standalone networks or otherwise and provide high speed digital / analog communication links to other networks to establish and offer e-mail services, bulletin board services, online services and any other service which is feasible by using, internet or any other such international networks and to establish, install and commission the communication links to offer basic Telephone Services, Broadcasting Services, Cellular Services, Paging Services, Remote Sensing and other value added services.

To promote, own, acquire, construct, erect, establish, maintain, improve, manage, operate, alter, carry on, control, take on hire/ lease power plants including renewable power plants, cogeneration power plants, energy conservation projects, captive power stations, power transmission and distribution systems and to generate or produce power using any form of energy including but not limited to coal, any form of gas, lignite, fuel oil, bio-mass, Liquid Natural Gas, agricultural waste, industrial or municipal waste, thermal, solar, hydel, geo-thermal, coal methanation, wind and tidal waves in India, and to buy, sell, distribute, transmit, supply, exchange, market electric power, energy, through grid or off grid, from /to the Central/State Electricity Board(s), State Government(s),Appropriate Authorities, licensees, specific industrial units, private generating stations and other consumers for industrial, commercial, agricultural, household and any other purpose in India and elsewhere.

To construct, lay down, establish, promote, erect, build, install, commission, carry out and run all necessary power substations, workshops,repairshops, wires, cables, transmission lines, accumulators,street lightsforthe purpose of conservation, distribution, and supply of electricity of participating industries, State Electricity Board(s) and other Board(s) for repairing and maintenance of all distribution and supply lines and to acquire concession, facilities or licenses from Electricity Board(s), Government, Semi Government or local authorities for generation, distribution, production, transmission or use of electric power and to take over along with all movable and immovable properties, the existing facilities on mutually agreed terms from aforesaid authorities.

To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, assemble, alter, acquire, convert, commercialize, design, develop, purchase, sell, resell, transfer, lease, import, export, hire, lease, let on hire, license, use, dispose of, operate, maintain, market, own, operate, fabricate, construct, establish, distribute, remodel, finish, hold, handle, install, demonstrate, repair, overhaul, renovate, recondition, work upon and to act as agent, broker, financier, stockiest, turn key supplier, contractor, promoter, consultant, engineer, collaborator or otherwise and generally deal in all kinds of energy conservation equipment’s, devises, systems, implements, components, parts, fittings, accessories, Instruments, Apparatus, Transformers, Electronic/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Communication Items used in and/or for energy conservation, smart energy systems, clean technologies, green buildings and other equipment’s, apparatus, appliances, devices, controls and instrumentation and to carry on in India or elsewhere the business to act as Administrative, Technical, Productivity, Managerial, Advisory, Commercial, Financial and any other type of Consultants in connection with the energy conservations, demand management, energy audits, communication systems, sub-systems, equipment developed by the Company

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