Register Digital Signature on MCA V3 portal

How to register Digital Signature for Director on MCA V3 Portal? Register DSC on MCA V3? Associate DSC on MCA V3.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced new Portal for LLP filings and Company filings. It is mandatory for each person (whose DSC is being used for filing purpose) to register his/her Digital Signature on V3 portal.

Are you looking for any software/system to manage Digital Signatures of your clients?

We have created step-by-step guide on how to register DSC for Director on MCA V3 (New) portal.

Please note that, you have to first create an account on MCA V3 before registering Digital Signature on MCA V3 Portal.

1. Login to the MCA V3 Portal.

2. Go to MCA Services -> FO LLP Services -> Associate DSC

3. Please download emBridge and install on your computer

Click here to download emBridge

4. Once emBridge is downloaded and installed, click on Associate DSC

On pop-up, select correct Token and Certificate and type Token Password and Click on Register

This completes the entire process of Registering DSC on MCA V3 portal.

You can verify updated Expiry Date of Digital Signature in View Signatory Details Master details.

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