Property Consultant Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Property Consultant(For Example: SHRI KRISHNA PRASADAM LIMITED)

  1. To carry on the business of purchase any movable or immovable property including industrial, commercial, residential, or farm lands, plots, buildings, houses, apartments, flats or areas within or outside the India, to divide the same into suitable plots, and to rent or sell the plots for building/constructing residential houses, bungalows, business premises, and colonies and rent or sell the same and realize cost in lump sum or easy installments or by hire purchase system or otherwise and to purchase, sell and otherwise to carry on the business such as builders, contractors, broker, Estate agents, decorators and surveyors, Underwriter and To purchase for resale and to trade in land and house and other immoveable property of any tenure and any interest therein, and to create, sell and deal in freehold and leasehold ground rents, and to deal in trade by way of sale, or otherwise with land and house property and any other immovable property whether real or personal.

  2. To undertake and carry out the business of consultancy services of all kinds and description and in all branches and kinds and for its purpose to open branch/branches in India or any part of the world and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to buy, underwrite, invest in and acquire and hold, sell and deal stocks (all kinds), debenture stock (whether or not convertible, including optionally convertible debentures), bonds, obligations and securities issue or to be issued by any firm or body corporate, either with limited or unlimited liability, or issued or guaranteed by any Government, state, dominions commissioners, public body or authority, municipal local or otherwise, firm or person in India or elsewhere and to invest in futures and options of Shares and commodities to Act as technical consultant in mergers and amalgamations, assisting them in setting up of joint ventures.

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