Packing Material Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Manufacturing Packing Matetrials (For Example: SIROHIA & SONS LIMITED)

To carry on the business as hardware merchant, suppliers of stores in all its branches, general order suppliers, chemicals, manufacturers of and dealers in papers including card board, card board boxes, 87 cartons, packing materials, containers, boxes and cases made of paper corrugated sheets, wood or otherwise plastics, building materials, deal in merchandise, commodities and articles of all kinds and description and to undertaking all kinds of agency business and to import and export of every marketable commodity.

To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealers in pulp, papers and straw boards of all kinds, and articles in which pulp, paper of straw-board is used, including card board, mill-board and railway ticket board, oil papers, packing cartons and also of manufacturers and dealers in any materials or substances used in the manufacture or treatment of paper and straw boards or pulp or of such article as aforesaid.

To carry on the business of manufacture, export, import, distribute or sell in retail and wholesale pulp, writing and printing paper, specialty papers, all varieties of boards and papers and board products, art paper, newsprint, drawing paper, filter paper, grease paper, insulation paper, craft paper, cheque paper, absorbent paper, decorative laminate paper, coated paper, hard boards, soft boards, particle boards, simplex, duplex and triplex boards.

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