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This repository is created for the help of professionals (CS / CA / CMA / Lawyers etc.), corporates, businesses and general public to find all resources required under various corporate laws of India and understanding of many procedures in single place.

We have tried to simply the understanding of the Compliance under various Corporate Laws like Companies Act, 2013, Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, Trademark Act, 1999, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 etc.

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Following are the resources we have added to this repository.

Main Object Clauses

Main Object Clauses

We have tried to add as many main object clauses as possible which are useful for Companies and LLPs. If you want main object clause for any business which is missing in this, please write to us, we will try to add it here.



A resolution is the final form of a decision taken at a meeting by voting on a motion. As per the Companies Act 2013, for taking any decision or executing any transaction, consent of shareholders, Board of Directors and other specified body of individuals is required by way of special & ordinary resolution or by way of other type of resolution, as the case may be.



We have included many templates and formats which are required under various Corporate laws and during day to day business operations.

If you can't find what you need here, kindly fill up this form and let us know what topic you would like us to add in this repository and we will try to add it in this website at the earliest.


We have also added everything about Trademark including description of each and every classes of trademark with a search facility.

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Trademark Overview - Benefits, Validity, Eligibility, Types and Symbols

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