Flour Mill Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business Flour Mill

  1. To carry on the business of millers in all its branches and to set up mills for milling wheat, gram, other grains and cereals, dal, besan, maida, atta, sooji and other allied products and to manufacture any by-products and to manufacture food products such as biscuits, flakes, dalia and confectionery from flours of all kinds and description and to set up factories or mills for the manufacture thereof.

  2. To carry on the business of producing, extracting, refining, storing, exporting, importing, transporting and dealing in flours of all kinds and description whatsoever and to construct and run flour mills of any kind or description.

  3. To purchase, sell, import, export, manufacture, repair, assemble or otherwise deal in all machinery used in the manufacture of flour, dal, besan, biscuits, flakes, dalia and allied products.

  4. To purchase, sell, store or otherwise deal in wheat, paddy and other grains, cereals, cotton, kapas, rice, seeds of all kinds and other raw materials necessary for an incidental to or conducive to the above objects or any of them.

  5. To establish and run flour mills for converting wheat into wheat products like maida, sooji, atta and bran in all its branches and all purifying, refining processes and marketing the same either as finished products or any other semi-finished states.

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