Civil Works Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Civil works (For Example: MEP INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPERS LIMITED)

1.To carry on the business of construction work comprising of civil works, civil engineers, civil contractors and to undertake projects and contracts for Government and Government Departments or authorities and undertake either alone and jointly with any other company or persons, works of all distinction like construction, renovation, repairs, widening, paving, resurfacing of roads, upgrading, strengthening of roads, flyovers, highways, tunnels or bridges of all types of R. C. C and post–tensioned cement concrete works, reinforced cement concrete works, granting, rock–cutting, reclamations, cement gutting, waterproofing works, painting, decorating and to purchase, acquire, contract, erect, repair and maintaining of structures, flyovers, tunnels, dams, earth tunnels, towers, reservoirs, drains and culverts, trenches, embankments, irrigation works, reclamations, land improvement, sewerage and sanitary works.

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