Broadcasting and Cable TV Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Broadcasting and Cable TV

  1. To plan, establish, develop, provide, operate, maintain and market various services, including cable or satellite based communications and networking services or broadcasting or broadcasting content services, direct-to-home (DTH) services, satellite based transmission services and maintain telecommunication networks, systems, services including telephones, telex, message, relay, data transmission, facsimile, television, telematics, value added network services, paging cellular, mobile, audio and video services, maritime and Aeronautical communication services and other telecommunication services as are in use elsewhere or to be developed in future and to act as satellite based service provider and carry on the business of generation, distribution, redistribution, reception, transmission, re-transmission of audio, video, data and radio signals.

  2. To carry on business of manufacture, assemble, put to place, set up, plant, establish, develop, acquire, purchase, launch, relaunch, hire, lease, time share, manage, maintain, operate, run, replace, sale, upgrade, or otherwise commercially exploit, satellite, space craft, ground station assets, transponders, control stations, via uplink or downlink or otherwise for the purpose of transmitting relaying, telecommunicating, broadcasting, narrowcasting, telecasting, any form of radio, audio, video signals both terrestrially and spatially including obtaining rights of distribution and marketing of communication signals and electronic data by means of satellite, wireless, wire or other electronic or mechanical methods of delivery or otherwise and to providing consultancy services relating to telecommunication, satellite, transponder, communication, broadcasting network systems, mobile systems, telephony, information technology and exploiting software associated with provision and management of telecommunication and broadcasting / channel distribution services

  3. To receive, buy, sell, procure, develop, produce, commission, decrypt, aggregate, turnaround, encrypt and distribute various kinds of entertainment contents/software (programmes), data for their aggregation, exhibition, distribution and dissemination on TV channels / TV signals / video and audio signals, be it satellite TV channels or terrestrial TV channels or cable channels or through any other mode or through encryption, decryption of signals / channels using existing and/or emerging technologies, including distribution via internet, distribution via internet protocol or webcasting or exhibition in cinema and/or video theater in all forms, be it an analogue signals or digital signals or through sale of physical material like cassettes including audio cassettes, video cassettes, digital video discs, CD ROM’s etc. and any emerging technology

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