MCA V3 Errors and Solutions

This page shows common errors faced by stakeholders on MCA V3 portal and possible solutions, if any. mca v3 portal issues? mca v3 portal not working?

Please note that

  • Points marked with โœ… have a solution.

  • Points marked with โ— have possible solutions.

1. DSC of Professional is not registered with MCA โœ…

Please complete the steps for registration of digital signature on MCA Website

2. Digital Signature Verification failed. Please affix a valid DSC โœ…

You can try below all possible solutions one-by-one.

Possible Solution 1

Make sure to click Ctrl+S (save the form) every-time after you attach each Digital signature to the form.

Possible Solution 2
  • Edit the already submitted application.

  • Submit the application

  • After submission, upload signed forms, which you already have, immediately.

3. CIN _________ entered is invalid. Please enter a valid CIN โœ…

This error was resolved by MCA from their end.

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