Wind Energy Business

Main Object Clause of an entity having business of Wind energy (For Example: INOX WIND LIMITED)

1.To carry on business as manufacturers, exporters, importers, contractors, sub-contractors, sellers, buyers, lessors or lessee and agents for Wind Electric Generators and turbines, hydro turbines, thermal turbines, solar modules, and all types of renewable energy systems like solar, biomass, solid wastes, by-product gases and various components and parts thereof including but not limited to Rotor blade sets, Braking systems, Towers, Nacelle, Control Unit, Generators, etc., and to set up Wind Farms for the Company and / or for others either singly or jointly and also to generate, acquire by purchase in bulk, accumulate, sell, distribute and supply electricity and other form of power and to provide consultancy and management services in respect of any of the above activities.

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